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AXUS PACKAGING MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling machines in Taiwan. We develop superior and reliable products for global market. We have a lot of experience on designing and manufacturing pressure sensitive labeling machine. From 1993 our technology team has designed over 237 kinds of special pressure sensitive labeling machine that met our customers various demands.

Our machines are designed in using a modular assembly system, whereby the four main sections are first manufactured separately before final assembly into a whole unit. This provides our customers with straightforward maintenance options, and simplifies the upkeep of our machines.

We use stainless steel as the main components of the framework, and our systems are controlled by Japanese brand PLC, while the label applicators are controlled by microprocessors. The CPU control system manages all of the signals and sends them directly to PLC, independently of other signals, making labeling position more accurate.

“Customers first” is AXUS’s motto in designing and manufacturing our products, and we strive to make all our machines versatile and efficient in order to ensure our machines remain internationally competitive. In our continuing pursuit of innovation and excellence, we have recently developed a new control system for our machines.



This new system allows for direct access to worldwide maintenance assistance services, and we trust this innovation will add significantly to our competitive edge in the industry, and make our machines invaluable assets of our customersˇ¦ businesses. Furthermore, we not only manufacture machines, and offer a wide range of solutions for various labeling applications. We can, for example, provide consultation concerning everything from containers/bottles to label designs. We also offer OEM /ODM services to companies that want to cut costs and stay competitive without investing too much money in capital and human expenditures. This allows companies to introduce new products without the added expenses of R&D and tooling, thus lowering the cost of introducing a new model into the market.

The vitality, technical expertise and innovativeness of our young working team, coupled with the professionalism, knowledge, and years of accumulated experience of our leadership allows us to provide the best possible human resources to meet their application demands. From the initial assessment of the customerˇ¦s needs to the design and production phase of the project, we strive to accommodate our clientˇ¦s requirements to the utmost, and to produce a practical and suitable final product. Customer input is central in our design and manufacture of a product to guarantee the clientˇ¦s satisfaction. Our modern design concepts applied to our use of all stainless steel and anodized aluminum results in products that are easily serviced and that require minimal maintenance. Our designs are sure to meet your application needs.

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